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The Future of Christianity in Europe is something that can not be effectively predicted other than by speculation. Whilst saying that, there are trends and patterns that have been in motion especially over the last 150 years that give us space to intelligently speculate concerning the future. The subject of Christianity and its future from my perspective is not going to be based much upon the affirmation of the present situation. In that sense this blog will be both polemic and contrarian.

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I will be writing a lot about Logospoetics and about its anti-Christ binary Centaur-Dithyrambics. These two terms are my own and so there will be extensive definitions given to both these terms and their linguistic progenies.

1. An intersection of Theology, Existential Spirituality, Wonder and Aesthetics rooted in the Incarnation.
2. It is shaped not by any scientific epistemic methods but by the rhizomatic sophiological informing flow of the Holy Spirit upon all that it engages with.
3. Its context is always Eucharistic which defines its forms of community and can not operate outside of a Trinitarian view of relationship.

4. It creates both a public liturgical worship and a family and personal spirituality.