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Bob and Nancy live at the Border region between Hungary, Serbia and Croatia. They split their time between these three countries. Their home is in the Hungarian city of Pécs.

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They founded the small Mission agency, Roma Bible Union in 2002 and have focused most of their time and ministry in work among the Roma Populations in their three countries region.

Bob was ordained into the Reformed Episcopal Church in 2018 under whose spiritual authority he and Nancy function in their Church planting vision within the Roma Bible Union. The decision was made for Bob and Nancy to invest as much time as possible into Pastoral Evangelism in the Bayash community and seek to build an "Anglican Community of Faith" in North Eastern Croatia.

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To receive regular reports of their ministry please go to the Contact Page for Details. They send out a regular newsletter called The Roma Diary and then a quarterly Magazine called KASKADA.

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Bob and Nancy have written a variety books in different styles and genre's which can be viewed on the Books By Bob and Nancy Page of this site. Some of the books have been written specifically for the Roma. Others to raise awareness for the Roma and then there are some other works that fall into a variety of categories.


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